My History with Clay

About 20 years ago I got a job as a designer for a ceramics earring company. A few years later I decided to start my own company and worked with ceramic jewelry in the fashion industry for about 10 years total. At one point I decided to fool around with making pottery and got myself a wheel and took a few classes at the local junior college. Around 1999 I became seriously ill with Rheumatoid arthritis and was unable to work with my hands anymore. By 2001 my arthritis was in total remission and I tried once again to throw. When I realized that working again with the clay was not harming me, I went back to it with much passion and appreciation for the wondrous qualities and journeys available to me through this complex combination of earth and water (clay) and fire and air (the firing process).

So in 2001 I took every class at Santa Rosa JC in Ceramics I could. During this time I was able to work under Hiroshi Fuchigami who is an excellent instructor of not only pottery but also ceramic sculpture. In 2008 I joined together with four other ceramicists to form Mill Station Ceramics. This was a studio where we worked and set up a display area for sales. In 2009 I took the woodfiring class at Solano College under the instruction of another fine teacher, Marc Lancet. What a lot of work but what a wonderful experience! In 2010, I moved my studio back to my home property. It’s been wonderful working here in the peacefulness of the redwoods and bays.

How to contact me

I am involved with local open art studios in this area.  I also have my own open studio during December and in the spring.  I am available for appointments through my email or telephone.

Email Kate for more information